Coachella Packing List

We are so stoked festival season is finally among us! Whether you’re attending Coachella weekend 1 (April 14-16) or weekend 2, (April 21-23) we have all of the insider info to make this trip is your best one yet.

Things to pack:
Backpack or Crossbody 2-in-1 Belt Bag// Be hands-free and able to jump around during your favorite set with our festival backpacks, festival fanny packs, and festival belt bags.
Portable phone charger// Your phone will die taking a zillion pictures and you will lose some of your friends by the end of the night. Make sure to charge your portable phone charger before you go!
Sunnies// Needed for fashion purposes and to block out the dust.
Jacket// Waiting in line for the bus back gets super chilly.
Empty water bottle// Water refill stations will save your life and your wallet.
Cash // You’re going to need a quick break at the beer garden from all that dancing! Although you vow that granola bar in your backpack is all you’ll need, pizza and giant watermelons will be consumed at some point during the night.Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 10.10.35 AM

Festival shops we love:
Van De Vort // Planet Blue // Revolve



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